Saturday, June 03, 2006

Meet the parents

Convocation is less than a week away and my parents are here to visit! My dad did not get here yet, he arrives on Monday because his VISA was a bit late to come out. On the other hand, my mom is here, she arrived yesterday. It was a crazy drive back from the airport, with all the rain I barely could see the lanes, yet alone the signs..but we made it all safely.

We were tidying up the house the past couple of days, and guess what people (especially the guys), your house will never be clean enough for the parents.

I found out from the Registrar's office that somehow I am not on the list of people who asked for tickets, althought I requested them way before the deadline! At least I am on the list of people cleared to graduate.

Anyway, so my mom is staying for a month, and my dad for a week or so. This will be a month full of awesome home cooked food...yum!

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