Sunday, June 18, 2006

Match 2: Italy VS. U.S

This game was a major dissapointment. Italy did not play as well as they did against Ghana, and on the other hand the U.S. played much better than they did against the Czechs. Anybody who watched that game has to admit Italy was just unlucky. They were unlucky with that own goal, unlucky with the U.S. "almost own goal" when the defender almost headed the goal into his own goal but luckily for him it hit the cross-bar. The game was fairly rough, with around 40 fouls committed, more than half of them by the U.S.

I was watching the game on the abc channel, and I noticed how biased the commentator was. He was unhappy with all the cards the US received and kept saying "the ref should have taken him to the side and talk to him" Who the hell says that? Just stfu and do your job.

So Italy is at the top now, and need to win their next match to guarantee going into the next stage. In the case of the Italians losing against the Czechs, and the US losing againsg Ghana, then that would be the end of the road for the Italians this year - ofcourse that wont happen!

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