Friday, March 27, 2009

Why is Yahoo bigger than Google in Japan?

Found this post on about Yahoo being bigger than Google in Japan - when it comes to search. Why?

Stan Schroeder attributes this to things being different in Japan; for example the iPhone is struggling for market share there. Japan is way ahead of the rest in the world in technology, and it looks like that the iPhone is well behind in features compared to local phones. Japanese phones are built in with QR readers, fingerprint readers, watch TV, higher resolution cameras, conference call features and IC chips to charge for purchases, ex. transit tickets!

So why is Yahoo! bigger than Google there? I look at the Yahoo! and Google sites, and Google's simplistic approach is definitely more effective in my opinion. You visit and you know what Google does - Search. On the other hand a visit to is overwhelming. This is true in the case of the Japanese version of both sites as well:

So yes, things are different in Japan, but I am curious to know what is different that makes Yahoo! more popular than Google. Is this tied somehow to the local super-phones? and perhaps that is why on the Japanese Google site there are links to mail, youtube, news and maps at the top and under the search unlike the .com site where they are only present at the top.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Why Twitter sometimes collapses

I just noticed something odd in the twitter over capacity screenshot I took
the tweet birds are not flying in the same direction!

Ministry of Transportation Ontario Online Transaction - FAIL!

Although I have been in Canada since 2001, I started my drivers license graduated program in 2004 only - I should have done it earlier but that is not the point of this post.

The Ministry of Transportation in Ontario has an online transaction application to process your test booking - unfortunately this application seems to suffer from major problems. I recall this happened to me when I booked my G drive test. Say I was going North and hit a stop sign and was going to turn East, I did not wait for the car that was on the East side heading West to clear the intersection and apparently that was a "dangerous maneuver"

So the online drive test booking engine stalled on processing my booking request yesterday so I have no idea whether the transaction went through or not and now I have to wait until it shows up on my credit card online report.

Over the past decade we came to expect certain applications to work in a certain way - when we want to make a purchase online we expect the transaction to complete successfully or let you know what went wrong. Online transactions are supposed to be easy to use, increase throughput and be convenient by avoiding you to have to line up somewhere - but when it does not work this is a problem. I waited 70 minutes for the transaction and it still did not complete.

For online retailers, this failure results in lost business, there are many of them so you can easily switch to someone else and make the purchase there - unfortunately there is only one Ministry of Transportation but this does not mean that their online applications can be below average. MTO needs to look at people using their online apps to book tests or pay fines as customers as well. Yes you are going to pay anyway sooner or later since you have no other option, but money now is always better than money next month. If I was ordering pizza online and this happened odds are my pizza will be free.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Twitter Over capacity

wow..what are the odds, I was just trying to add a twitter feed to this blog and it was not pulling in any content.
What's worse is that there will be "too many tweets" about this as soon as things are back up.

I give a tweet!

I caught the twitter bug this week and decided to give twitter a chance. I did not even understand the whole idea behind it until I watched this great video that explains it all.

Basically its great for learning more about what your friends or in twitter-lingo people your following aka stalking are doing between e-mails, phone calls, chatting, blogging, going out when you actually have a chance to talk to them.

The main reason I started using it is at work we started using Yammer which is very much like twitter except it is limited to your company.

So follow me