Sunday, June 11, 2006


Convocation is finally over and now I finally have my B.Eng.Mgmt! I can call myself an engineering graduate now. Heres a couple of pictures from the event:

...don't I look like a nun in these pics?

It has been a busy week since I last posted on my blog. Parents were here and I was busy showing them around Hamilton. I took them to Windsor this weekend and to drop my brother off over there. I rented a car for this past week, and I am keeping it for another week - thanks to my Dad! - Its a Chev Malibu like this one but in maroon:

It drives real nice and its good on gas too. I was under the impression american cars are gas guzzlers, but this car is a myth buster! The strange thing is its a full size sedan but for some reason Hertz Canada classify it as a mid-size, so I got a pretty good deal on a very nice car!
Having a car makes thing so much easier - obviously. I am seriously planning on purchasing one now, probably a shitbox since I did not find a job and grad school won't be paying much if it pays at all - there is a probability I will do an M.Eng instead and pay for myself for one year.

Its back to work on the flight simulator tomorrow. I am working on a user interface that would be used to control the machine and for testing purposes. I used Fltk to do it, since it was used for that DTK library I once as mentioning. The most annoying part of Fltk, is that some things that should be very simple to do get a little tricky but once you know what you are doing its ok.

Congrats to everbody who graduated last week and I hope you all have a fun and safe summer!

Bump into me soon!!

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