Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sweet last

Today was the Champions League final between AC Milan and Liverpool. After the defeat in 2005, Milan was back with a vengeance this year breaking Man Utd in the home game by 3-0 and now defeating Liverpool 2-1. The game did not start well for Milan in the first half. It was obvious Liverpool dominated that half by cutting the majority of the balls. I have to say Pennant from Liverpool closed off his side of the pitch; out manneuvring the Milan defence and creating major opportunities for Gerrard and Zenden, but without any results.
Milan finally scores after a fluke deflection by Inzaghi close to the end of the first half. The second half was completely different though, Milan patched up their defence, and started taking more control of the game as they reduced the errors in the defense - the horrible passes were a big problem in the first half. Inzaghi finally scores a real goal in the second half making a fool out of Reina as he danced around him. Towards the end of the match, Liverpool scores their first - but who cares, AC came out victorious and clearly the champs of Europe.
For all Liverpool's huffing and puffing there was no end product

Saturday, May 19, 2007

28 Weeks Later

I watched 28 Weeks Later last night at the moviers, after watching 28 Days Later last week on TV. The first part was really good, and I was waiting to watch the second part all week. The story is about a disease that spreads in the UK which causes people to turn into some sort of man eating zombie - very similar to the idea of Resident Evil. Both movies tell about the story of survival and how one will do horrible things to guarantee their survival. For example, in the second part, a father had to ditch his wife whom he just told her "not to worry" after these infected humans break into their shelter, he left her at the window screaming. I guess your actions will depend on how scared you are, the more you panic the more distorted your thinking becomes, but again survival is the ultimate motivation.

Both parts were awesome, the second was tons more gory.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

kicking off the summer

Its been quite warm laterly - not as warm as where I used to live, but warm in Canadian standards. This is a good thing, since I am sick of the cold. At least the heat cannot get painful, while the winter can with your ears and fingers feeling like they will fall off or break. In the summer, no matter how hot it may get, I have never had that feeling.

Im done all six courses in my Masters program now, and just have the project to finnish. Now I need to continue what I put hold last summer, finding a job! Its not easy I tell you, especially for an international student. So far my plan is to find a job first for September and work on my research project while working full-time for technology services on campus.

I'll be developing a web portal in PHP and MySQL for student computing on campus. These are the people that manage the computer labs. This is now my fourth year with them, which gives me plenty of experience of what the web portal should be capable of doing. As a software engineering graduate and the lead developer, I plan on following software development guidelines to allow future teams to easily improve upon the portal - something the current portal lacks big time! It is going well so far, and the project is underway.

As for the research project, I am working on an OpenGL visualizer for my supervisor. He needs it to debug and check whether his algorithm is doing what it is supposed to do. This too will be an interesting project.

It looks like a very busy summer with these projects, and the fact that I need to find a job as well. By the way, if you are aware of someone looking for someone with a masters in computational engineering, and a bachelors in software engineering and management, please let me know!


Saturday, May 05, 2007

MR Velocity Imaging talk

On Monday May 7th, I present the results I obtained during one project I took on during my second semester of my Masters program. The topic is on MR velocity imaging and regularization of images. Basically the goal is to acquire noisy images while sampling less data. The reasoning behind this is that it is less expensive to sample less data that is noisy than to acquire complete noiseless data which would require more time and higher costs. Given a sampling strategy, the algorithm reconstructs the image in Matlab and attempts to filter out the noise from this partial data. I also investigated several sampling strategies and the results were quite interesting. Hopefully a paper can be published from this, but it still requires that the model be extended by another dimension - time for example. The paper and slides can be obtained from: