Monday, July 03, 2006

Germany, here come the Mighty Italians

Its the semi-finals now as you all should know and Italy is facing the Germans. The Germans have played really well this world cup, better than the last one as the team of "freshmen" got more experience, but are they match for the experienced Italians? Ofcourse the Germans are being coached by an all time favorite of mine - Jurgen Klinsmann - but can they do it? Their strategy all along was to fire a shot as soon as the goal is visible. Not a bad strategy and it makes them look really good when someone reviews the game stats. As for the Italians I must say the played awesome against Ukraine and Toni's curse was finally broken when he finally scored...twice. So July 4th the Italians will face the Germans, in their home country (obviously) and hopefully the Germans shall get crushed. Its been a long time since Italy reached a semi final game, and even longer since they reached the final, so its about time.

Goodluck to the Azzurri.

P.S. The world cup is almost over, so those of you who read this will get back to reading less soccer posts and more random shit like before.

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