Thursday, April 27, 2006

No more Motorolla

So a couple of days ago my flip top Motorolla T720 phone "expired". Problems with this phone started way back in October 2005 when part of the hinge that makes it flip broke. After fiddling around with it for a few days I discovered how I can "flip the top" and make it work better. See, the problem was if I flip open too fast the screen comes out all shuffled and mangled, if it even shows up. So the trick was to slightly open it and sneak under the top to see when the screen shows up and then slowly open the rest of it. Yup, silly way to use a cell phone but it worked!
So last Tuesday i had an interview with Evertz and I asked them to call my cell phone since I was working that day and did not know where I would be. 5 min before my interview the other hinge on the phone snaps (yeah talk about crazy timing). When the HR person from Evertz called I was struggling trying to answer the call and they had to call again before I managed to pick up. I had to ask her to call me at JHE lab's extension and I ran up the stairs to be there before she called. Anyway, the interview went well and I should hear back from them in the next 2 weeks, hopefully with a job offer!

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