Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Just started? or just finnished?

So this is the first blog here at, I used a couple of bloggers in the past but I am getting more and more fond of Google so I am switching to this. Besides once I set up adSense I can make a little $$$ from my blog.
I just finnished my undergraduate degree in Software Engineering and Management. It was a long 5 year program but it is all over now. This brings to an end the best 5 years of my life so far! Everything about undergrad at McMaster was awesome! If given the chance to do it again I would definitely NOT do it again. I am ready for the next stage now.
Its 6pm right now and I am at work trying to find something to do and that is how I decided to get back to writing a couple of posts a week and make this blog as interesting as the first one. By the way the first one can be found
here. You will also find some interesting Photoshop stuff which I should get back into since I think I did some real cool stuff back then.

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