Thursday, May 07, 2009

iPhone Search Bar and Web Services

I have started experimenting with developing applications for the iPhone last week - which is mainly why I bought a new mac mini to replace my old PowerBook G4.

Apple did an amazing job with the documentation and there are a lot of great tutorials and resources available on the web and iTunes. After playing around with the 'hello world' app example I went a head and applied lessons from four different tutorials to utilize the search bar, picker view, web view and consume a web services

The following "Nael's Are You Feelin' Lucky" example combines these elements to present behavior similar to Google's "I'm feeling lucky" button on their search page - except it uses the Yahoo! Search Web services instead.

It was a great little educational experiment. Feel free to comment.


  1. Really cool stuff. So it was all written in Objective C? That's the iPhone language right?

  2. Yes its objective-c / cocoa framework.
    Its got an mini version of OpenGL and Quarks for graphics and games. But what I have in the video is just using Cocoa widgets.