Friday, May 12, 2006

Bad things happen to good people

Nothing sucks more than when your computer just breaks down out of the blue! For some reason the power cable or perhaps the power supply, or maybe some internal wiring inside the laptop has failed and now its like I am playing blackjack trying to get the laptop connected and charging. So now I am using my powerbook which is great, but the only problem is that for some reason it cannot pick up the wireless signal in my room so I have to sit in the living room. I took apart the laptop hopinh to magically be able to tell what is exactly wrong but couldnt. It took some time to take out all the screws that hold down the cover, just because I had to look through my toolbox for the right screwhead. So after taking it off I find everything inside is almost WELDED together! and I cannot get to the power supply. Anyway enough complaining. I am going to hunt for a power cable on eBay. I hope that is whats wrong.


  1. Anonymous6:08 PM

    hey nael!

    it's me chandrima... i thought i'd venture here since you advertised it on your msn :P Anyways, does your laptop have a warranty? why not just get a new laptop? your cousin ali is selling one :P

    anyways, smell ya later naelator,
    chandrima :)

  2. see chandrima, an important fact about buying a new laptop is it has to be NEWER than what you already got...have u ever heard of anybody buying an older laptop? my laptop is way newer...i am considering selling it as I am going to buy a NEWER one this summer.